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Obaseki signs audit bill into law, to establish Audit Service Commission, Office of Auditor-General

To promote accountability and transparency in administration, Edo State Governor Mr. Godwin Obaseki signed the Edo State Audit Bill 2021 into law on Tuesday. Obaseki expressed gratitude to the State House of Assembly for swiftly turning the amendment bill into law as he signed it at the Government House in Benin City.

In order to guarantee accountability and transparency in the management of public resources, the governor stated that the law will permit the formation of the Office of the Auditor-General for the State and Local Government and the Edo State Audit Service Commission. He states, “We have had to take steps to assure high standards of accountability and transparency in the use of public funds as part of a renewed commitment to reform our public accounting and financial system.

“As the chairman of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum Committee, I am in communication with the Federal Ministry of Finance and the World Bank regarding the utilization of this facility.”
“We in Edo State are in a unique position to offer leadership in this regard,” Obaseki went on. It’s critical that we lead by example in our efforts to offer guidance for this endeavor.

The law’s goal is to provide the Office of the Auditor General freedom so they may carry out their mandated duties over the state and municipal governments’ seal books without interference.
He said, “Therefore, when the Audit Service Commission is established, it will be composed of respectable and credible individuals who will guarantee the right thing is done.”

Culled from: Nigeria Governors’ Forum


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